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Building an app is simple and easy. Step One: Choose a Mobile App Name. Step Two: Select Mobile App Features. Step Three: Publish Your Mobile App to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. If needed we can publish the apps on your behalf for a nominal fee.
Drag and Drop Mobile App Builder
Easily Design Your Mobile App without knowledge of coding or technical skills.
Push Notifications
Send Immediate information and time sensitive notifications to your app users.
Tech Support
We provide video instructions and 24/7 technical support based in the United States.
Native Mobile Apps
Our Native Android and iPhone Mobile Apps work on all mobile phones, tablets, and iPads.

Keep your church family connected.

Our Mobile Apps make it easy and convenient for them to view weekly sermons, keep up with Bible studies, events, and more. Reach out to inactive members with messages of hope and encouragement, and reach new audiences with geo-targeted campaigns using Push Notifications.

Our Native Android and iPhone Mobile Apps work on all smart phones, tablets, and iPads.

Create a totally customized Mobile App
and have it ready for submission within an hour.

24x7 Tech Support

Free technical support available via email and telephone.

Video Instruction

We provide Free online video instruction support.

Based in the USA

Our team of professionals serve America and the world from the United States.

Features to include in your Mobile Apps

Our apps come with a number of features that will benefit your app users and promote your organization.


Showcase events with Calendars. Add an appointments engine to manage appointments. Use multi-stores plugin for bookings and reservations. Padlock your files with a QR Code. Create your own app tree, with folders, subfolders, and sub-subfolders. Add a search box to help your app users to find the content they're looking for.


Add a local Classified Ads marketplace for your users to offer products and services through your app. Add GPS maps with a directory of nearby places and points of interest. The advanced search system also allows your users to filter and search for the specific place they are looking for. A Weather plugin lets your app users look for the weather in their city.

Social Media

Fanwall - Animate your community with a social network within your app! Users can send posts and photos, geolocate other users' photos and comment their posts. Facebook - Make your application and social network pages communicate with each other. Get your content shared through social networks and provide you additional free traffic and downloads. Embed your social network pages in your app to gather all your information in one entry point. Twitter - Add any Twitter account to your application and display all tweets within your app. The links from the tweets are clickable. The info like following/followers and retweets are also available.

Multimedia and more...

Audio - Add a music player to entertain your app users! Create playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or your own files. Video - Integrate videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Podcasts, and Livestream events. Gallery - Create categories, import photos from your computer, Picasa or Instagram. Radio - Create a Radio app or just let your users listen to their favorite radio station. MCommerce - The complete feature to sell online, from a single store to a chain of stores. Image galleries, product and price formats, options, checkbox, notes, payment gateways, everything you need for selling your products is in your users' hands. Online Giving - allows churches and organizations to receive donations through the app. Contact - Allow one-touch-call, geolocation, links to social pages, and much more. Forms - Want to get some specific data from your users? Build your own forms to get leads, feedbacks and many other things you can get from a form.

Our Mobile App Setup

We've made the process of building a Mobile App simple and easy.


Choose A Brand Name For Your Mobile App

Attracting people with the right name and description for your App allows people to easily find you on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Create App with our Drag & Drop interface

Featuring: MCommerce, online payments and donations, maps, calendars, Push Notifications, multimedia, social media, and more. Custom features are available upon request.

Easily Publish Your Mobile App

Submit your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Check the app on your phone directly. If needed, we can publish the app for you.
View, Organize, and Prioritize All of your Organization's Programs.

Millions of organizations are using Mobile Apps
to promote their message.

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Retarget past customers with second-chance offers and reach new audiences with geo-targeted campaigns. Churches can keep their members engaged with news and current events. Push Notifications are a benefit to businesses and churches.
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